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This is the story of the Jungle Book. It isn’t a cartoon. It is real. The real story of the Jungle Book. It starts when two people die.

Everyone dies, sooner or later. It is natural. It is the First Law of the jungle.

Shere Khan, the great tiger, killed them because he was angry and they were alone in the jungle.

Hungry animals kill. This is the Second Law of the jungle.

Before they died, the man and the woman used fire against Shere Khan. They burned his paw and Shere Khan was angry. He went away because he was frightened of the fire. In her home, a Mother Wolf gave her milk to her cubs. She heard a noise, outside, but she couldn’t move.

A mother protects her cubs. This is the Third Law of the jungle.

Father Wolf went outside. He saw the fire, the man and the woman. Then he saw a baby as small as the wolf cubs, a man-cub. He had no mother. “I can call him Mowgli” said Mother Wolf to her husband “He is a little frog because he has no hair on his body.” Mowgli is Little Frog in the language of the jungle. Mowgli stayed with the wolf family. The cubs grew, and Mowgli grew. He learned the language of wolves. He walked on two legs and he walked on four legs. He was a wolf. Every wolf is part of a family, and every family is part of a pack. A pack is a group of wolf families.

A pack is stronger than a family. This is the Fourth Law in the jungle.

Akela was the strongest, bravest, most intelligent wolf. He was the leader of the pack.

Baloo the bear was a teacher of wolves. Bagheera the black panther was a friend of the wolves. Baloo was a good teacher, and Mowgli learned the laws of the jungle and the languages of the animals. He went with Bagheera and he learned to run and to hunt. The years passed. But Shere Khan didn’t forget the man-cub.

One morning Bagheera took Mowgli to a village and left him there. “You Know the laws of the jungle.” he said “Now you must learn the laws of people.” Later, a woman found him. She took him into her house, and he lived with her family. Mowgli stayed in the village . He didn’t like it, but he was patient.

Be patient: this is the Sixth Law in the jungle.

Mowgli looked, he listened, he learned the Laws of People. He learned to look after the cows. He learned to look after the fire. Every morning Mowgli met his brother wolves in secret, near the village. They told him about the jungle. One evening, they told him Shere Khan was back. Mowgli decided to kill the great tiger. The next morning, Mowgli took the cows out as usual. He saw Shere Khan who ran to fight Mowgli. When the great tiger came, Mowgli hit the cows with fire. The cows ran towards Shere Khan. Shere Khan couldn’t escape. There were too many cows. They all ran forwards. The running cows killed the great tiger. Mowgli took the tiger skin back to the village. It was time for another wolf meeting. Akela was very old, and very tired. He was not the strongest wolf now.

He must die, and a new leader of the pack must come. This is the Eighth Law of the jungle.

Mowgli said: “Wolves! Don’t kill Akela. He is old but he is not bad. “Akela must die” said a wolf “It is the law of the jungle.”

“Wolves!” replied the boy, “I am Mowgli. I killed Shere Khan. I have the fire, I change the law!”.

And this is the real story of the Jungle book.

It started with blood, two dead people and a boy. And it finished with blood, a dead tiger, a living wolf and a boy who changed the laws of the jungle.




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